W H A T I S L O V E?

{{Picture Blog}}

Love is… becoming friends first. Clay and I met at App State and to be honest it took us a little while to warm up to the idea of even hanging out. It started out with silly snaps like this one and me kicking Clay out on a daily basis when I was trying to study (sorry)!!!!


Love is…catching that butterfly feeling in your stomach when you get around that certain person. Matt, Quincy, and Katie would agree that this night the feelings we had caught for each other just couldn’t be kept a secret anymore. Clay taught me how to ice skate but little did he know I actually totally knew what I was doing already.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 11.19.10 PM.png

Love is…taking care of each other no matter what. This day we all went up to Rough Ridge  and it was super windy! Clay brought up his guitar to play some tunes and his guitar case decided it was going to try and blow off the mountain hahaha totally not funny but I got a splinter and Dr. Clay came to the rescue and made sure I was taken care of!


Love is…learning to love like the Bible teaches us. Clay and I wanted to learn more about each other as well as grow our relationship with our Heavenly Father together. I am blessed to be with a man who truly loves the Lord and leads our relationship through the Word.


Love is…admitting this is our first actual picture of us two together hahahaha but really, this is it folks.


Love is…being with someone who is just as goofy as you and can make you laugh your booty off! Probs saying “I’m about to pee my pants ” in this picture @Qunicy


Love is…finding someone who is always down to go on adventures! This was our first little mini backpacking trip and I will never forget that we had to hang our food so animals wouldn’t get to it and it took you about 45 minutes in the pitch dark to try and throw the food up into a tree! I was like what have I gotten myself into..Yikes!


Love is…always having a shoulder to lean on or cry on ((especially about puppies, school, and A Walk to Remember)) but thanks Clayton for always being there for me through the good days and the bad.


Love is…learning that along the way there is going to be challenges to face and they might even just hit yaaa right in the face but knowing that at the end of the day we have each other makes the challenges a little bit easier to overcome.


Love is… this. 


Thank you for not only reminding me today but everyday that I am so loved!


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