I was going to look for my missing watch but I could never find the time.

A little laughter to start off this year. Well, 2017 folks and I am back blogging once again. So, join me in this journey of conquering this new year together!


I am stressed out.

I am hungry.

I am way too tired to do this tonight, I will do it tomorrow .

I just need a break.

Is it almost naptime/bedtime?

These words have been coming out of my mouth far more often than they should be.

So quick story: My dad and I were talking the other day about my future plans in life and I was telling him that I am not entirely sure of what I would like to do right out of school. Like I have different plans of what I think I want to do but nothing set in stone quite yet. I think many of us face this same situation.. it is like all I have ever known is school but now what?? I am still young and still learning who I am, yet I have to already know a career path.. YIKES if you ask me. So we continue talking about life and how to deal with stuff and if you know my dad we could talk for hours about this and that… so eventually he says “If it matters to you, you will make time for it.”

This really stood out to me.

“If it matters to you, you will make time for it.”

So..then I went back to thinking about all those complaints I talked about earlier. I came to this realization that yes sometimes life can be chaotic, it can wear you down to your core; however, you HAVE to make time for things that matter to you.

You have to make time for Jesus…

You have to make time for prayer…

You have to make time to take care of yourself…

You have to make time to relax… (def taking Meditation and Relaxation this semester to help with this)

You have to make time to eat.. (pizza or fake McDonald’s fries aka Veggie Straws..trying to be “healthy” this year)

You have to make time to have friendships…

But in reality, I struggle sometimes to just hit the pause button. I  get this feeling of my days being like hourglasses turned upside down and as the sand pours out I just race around all day trying to get everything done. **Quick Side Note: I am OCD about certain things so lists are my favorite pal when it comes to getting things done.

Yet, I come back to this…

“If it is important to you, you will make time for it.”

I know sometimes it seems like life just goes and we can’t seem to hit the brakes but trust me on this, if you want a healthier relationship with Christ, with yourself, and with your friends make time for the things that matter.

With that being said, I challenge you to take time today.

Take time to open up that Bible that has been collecting some dust. Take time to just be silent and hear yourself breathe. Take time to pray.  Take time to get outside and see God’s beauty. Take time for that bubble bath (my secret key to stress relief). Take time to make dinner.

You can find such a peace with yourself if you just…

Take time.

Make time.

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it” – Sydney J. Harris






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