like a best seller or something like that

When I think about life I try and compare it to something. I thought about a water slide and was like maybe but then I remembered college was a thing and was like no (haha) and then I was like maybe some sort of food; which I automatically thought pizza… and was like naaa life isn’t like pizza, even though I wish it was and then I was putting a book I was reading into my book bag and was like.. yes… that is it.

a book.

Life is like a book.

When you think about a brand spankin new book… it is like all new, no coffee stains on the pages, no creases, no pages ripped to put your gum into, no tear marks smudging the words… just kinda perfect.

I feel like when we are first born we are like a new book. Just innocent and cute and perfect. Maybe a little whiny here and there.We start out our book with just a word or a sentence…but then we start to grow up. We start to experience things and face trials. We handle the good times and the bad times. Then our book starts to become pages. Pages of our successes, pages of our struggles.

As the pages go on and on.. those pages start to form chapters. Each chapter in our life starts to define who we are. We start high school, we have our first crush, we move out of the house, we go off to college, we have our first heartbreak, we party hard some nights, we meet new people, we get our first big girl job, we continue to go on with life and each event forms a new chapter but with that being said..It is important to remember this…

From the day you crack open that book and those first letters and words start to form on the page, God is there. He is there for every sentence, every page, every chapter… Even when coffee stains fill the page or tears smudge the words, he is still there, holding onto the book as though it was the best written novel… what is that called… like a best seller or something like that. He takes the pages filled with despair, hurt, and pain and helps you keep writing the next sentence that says “I faced some difficult times but through God, I have overcome them.” He takes the pages filled with goodness, success, and love and helps you to cherish those moments and to be so thankful for what you have been blessed with. Even though sometimes we do not want to flip the page because of the fear of the unknown, we must trust fully in a God who stands with us. We must trust fully that God is there.

So no matter what chapter you might be writing right now, know this…

We have a God who thinks our life is like the best seller or something like that.



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